Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is a process that helps companies focus on their top competitors to find out what they are doing well and what they are doing poorly. This data helps a company set itself up for success.

Competitor Analysis

But just like your business in constantly changing, you can’t expect the competition to stand still…Doing competitor analysis is not a one-time project. Instead, it’s an ongoing process that allows your business to compete effectively in the market. This SEO strategy helps you stay ahead of the game, no matter what industry you operate in. It ensures that your competition doesn’t outmaneuver you.

6 Step Guide on how to Perform Competitor Analysis

Although competitive research is an essential tool for your marketing strategy, it can be tough to find the right information.

Here are some tips to help you uncover the best data :


Understand the current market share

Competitor analysis helps you understand your current market share. Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors improves your opportunities for success.

Identify the competitors' target audience

Consumers are constantly bombarded with ads for products throughout the day. With the help of data, marketers can figure out which ads are successful so they can start to target the right customers.

Measure where your competitors spend their advertising dollars

Measuring where your competitors spend their advertising dollars makes it easier to plan your next marketing campaign. Understanding where and how much your competitors spend on a product gives you valuable insights about what you should or should not be selling.

Identify what content they are promoting

Competitors advertise certain products and services based on what other companies in the market are doing. Making comparisons can identify what your competitors are promoting through content and how they’re doing it. This data helps you strategize about what you should be advertising to grow your own business.

Make detailed notes on your competitor’s media strategy

What goals are your competitors trying to achieve with each one of their channels? When you begin analyzing many of your competitors, you might notice that they don’t always know what they are doing. Since many companies deploy an ineffective media strategy, your competitor analysis may reveal that their marketing department has no clear idea of what their target audience finds engaging. Since media channels are created for specific goals, you should focus on what type of content you want to promote and what platform will be most effective in reaching your goals.

Do an in-depth analysis of a market leader

If you’re looking for a lot of information on a competitor who is leading the field in your niche, start with their website. Try to work out what they are doing to get a disproportionate amount of sales compared to everyone else in the niche. In most cases, their website should have all the information you need on what they do better and how they compare to their competitors. Next, check out their blog or social media channels to see if they share any relevant content. Also, use tools like Google Scholar to find case studies related to the competitor.

What are the Best Tools & Websites for Analyzing Competitors?

Analyzing your competition is an important step when starting a new business. It helps you understand the market and figure out what makes your product better than the rest.

The best tools for analyzing your competitors are SEMrush, Moz, Ahrefs, OpenSite Explorer, and Google Trends. These resources can help you gain an in-depth understanding of your competitors so you can know what to tweak to get ahead of them.

There are two ways that these tools can be used for analyzing competitors: find weak spots or find opportunities. The former will help you gain an advantage over the competition while the latter will give insights into what they’re doing wrong so that you can capitalize on it.

How We Can Help You With Competitive Analysis

First, we will help you figure out your market share. It’s the revenue generated by the goods or services sold in your market. We can calculate your market share by dividing the revenues generated by your company compared with other companies.

Next, we will do all the heavy-lifting for your analysis. Competitive analysis is the process of identifying, understanding, and analyzing your company’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to other companies. Our research is a critical step in developing a winning strategy for your business.

Finally, we will help build your brand. Brands are in constant battle with other companies in the market. One of the most effective ways to maintain brand leadership is through social media. Our research helps you choose which social media channels to invest in.

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