Custom Analytics

Few tools are more imperative to your marketing technique than Google Analytics. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re familiar with this powerful tool. 

Custom Google Analytics and Reporting

Simply put, Google Analytics offers users the ability to monitor the efficacy of their Facebook ads, google ads or any other traffic source. This free tool from Google provides a way to determine customer conversion ratios and ROI from digital marketing efforts.

Here at SEO by Sociallyin, Google Analytics is one of a plethora of tools we use to ensure your business consistently ranks at the top of search result pages. We want you to utilize Google Analytics to your advantage, particularly with our integrated custom reports. We’ll show you some of the basics below so you can get started yourself.

Here are the basic steps for logging into your Analytics and creating a custom report:

  1. Open the specific view you want to create the custom report
  2. Select ‘Customization’ from the top menu
  3. Click on ‘+ New Custom Report’
  4. Enter the following:
  • Title
  • Name of reporting tab
  • Report type
  • Dimensions & metrics
  1. (Optional) Filters can be used to restrict data to specific dimensions
  2. (Optional) Select from view options where the report should appear
  3. Don’t forget to save!

Now that we’ve given you the instructions for how to create a custom report and monitor your traffic flow, let’s take a look at how to make these metrics work to your advantage. The ‘Customization’ tab will always be your access point to custom reports.

Savvy marketers understand how to fuse all of these statistics together. Successful campaigns demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of their customers. Specifically, we help you dive deep to understand what draws in your customer.

What keywords are most effective? Do certain links generate a better response? What sort of article draws the customers to your page? Are all links on the site connected?

Let us help you devise a game plan for your custom reports. We’ll assist you in sessions to implement a strategy tailored for your business to attract your customers. Sociallyin knows the exact questions to ask to reach people and get results.


One of the primary reasons we’re emphasizing custom reports as a marketing tool is because it allows you to monitor tangible results and trends. It is crucial to us that you are very much a part of the process. Yes, we make lots of magic behind the scenes, but we want you to have an understanding of marketing via Google Analytics and be an active participant.

We want you to have the resources at your fingertips to discover the best practices for engaging with customers in your particular market. Metrics, keywords, and data form the foundation of a successful strategy. Using such information drives traffic. Traffic brings customers.

Having worked with hundreds of businesses, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and implementation of Google Analytics. Better yet, we think it’s crucial that you- and your marketing team  use it to get the most bang for your buck.

If you’re ready to send your business to the stratosphere, let’s talk. We’d love to talk with you about your vision and how we can help you get there. Contact us today and let’s move mountains together.

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