Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently asked questions

Why Are There Two Websites? How Are You Affiliated With Sociallyin?

Damn, that’s a LONG story…in 2016, I walked away from ‘a good job’ to pursue a career in SEO and the very first person I met at a Birmingham networking event after starting my agency was Keith, a social media agency founder. He was all-in on Social and I was going all-in on SEO at that time. Between the US Air Force and 2-3 other jobs, I had spent decades troubleshooting complex electronics systems which made hacking the most complex algorithm on the planet my next logical challenge.

Keith got his start ‘slinging ads on the Internet’ before the first iPhone was released, and has developed his skills in social media since then. Over the years, we found ways to work together because we specialized in different things and respected the talent that comes from all that focus. We decided to join forces and share resources so that our clients can have specialists in each discipline and the cost savings that come from having all the billing, advertising, etc. under one roof. – Yea, that last link insert I did was a bit spammy I guess…but it works for our own SEO and we really are pros at lead gen for those companies 💪💪💪

There's 100 Million SEO Companies - What Makes SEO by Sociallyin Different?

We don’t guess – we test…

and we’ve been doing SEO experiments for close to 10 years now, so we understand fully what it takes to be successful in search results. We’re one of the only agencies certified in Scientific SEO in the US and with all our experience, we’re able to guarantee results. Unlike Sociallyin, many agencies offer this service without having anyone in-house that’s actually managed successful campaigns and watched stats like a hawk for years. Instead, someone in the digital department gets assigned the task of ‘figuring out this SEO stuff since our clients are asking about it’.

I feel sorry for whoever that is because they have their work cut out for them! Their first recourse is usually to start reading up on some ‘trusted industry blogs’ and if I am being completely honest, those sources are good sometimes and wildly inaccurate at others. Much like the job of delivering SEO for clients gets pushed off on someone new at the agency, writing about SEO tactics often falls on a junior SEO at an industry journal. That writer ends up copying and rewording a lot of information they find on top-ranking blogs for whatever subject they’re tasked to write about. You get a lot of false statements that somehow make their way into SEO cannon like the ideas that:

  • Duplicate content will always hurt your site [FALSE]
  • If a keyword tool like SEMrush shows zero traffic, you shouldn’t waste time on that keyword [FALSE]
  • Link-building doesn’t work anymore [FALSE]

Over the years, this regurgitation of information from supposedly valid sources has often led to a complete misunderstanding of how search engine algorithms actually work. At my agency, we never take anything at face value until we’ve thoroughly tested and verified exactly how Google will respond to a particular change. Here’s the reality:

  • A certain percentage of duplicate content is perfectly normal and if this myth were true, every site that has a reviews carousel repeated on multiple pages would get slapped with a penalty.
  • ‘Zero traffic keywords’ often just aren’t being picked up yet by even the best of tools. You can use Google Trends to get ahead of the rest of the SEOs in your niche by optimizing for these terms before everyone else.
  • The ‘death of link building’ topic keeps getting republished over and over in blogs each year, but it’s just not going to happen.

The ability to separate fact from fiction and only focus on work that delivers a tangible result is what sets the SEO team at Sociallyin apart.

Who are Some of Your Clients?

We work with a broad spectrum of clients. The agency as a whole has worked with many nationally recognized brands ranging from Dicks sporting goods, Carnival Cruise Lines, Samsung, TGI Fridays, Boys and Girls Club, Electric Monkey, A3C Hiphop Festival and more. You can see the full list of logos on the main Sociallyin website. Or visit our division’s page to see who we’re focused on when it comes to SEO services.

What about Awards and Certifications?

SEO/PPC Certifications, Awards and Memberships:

In addition, Sociallyin was recognized by Inc 5000 as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States recently. Each year our company recieves awards from dozens of industry publications such as Clutch, The Manifest, Agency Spotter and more.

What is the Cost?

The cost ranges anywhere between 2K – 30K / Month for small businesses. We always lead with strategy to make sure we’re being as efficient as possible. Without strategy, you’re just throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. It’s a total waste of time and money! Each brand is unique and we need to build a custom plan for yours that’s backed by our 100+ years of combined experience in digital marketing.

Content Production is based on what pieces we produce but can be as low as 2500 and upwards of 30K, depending on the scope of your project.

Strategy Costs: Are a one-time fee that’s anywhere between 3,500 – 10K depending on the scope of the strategy needed to be effective and produce an ROI. Once we get through your strategy, we can move into monthly work covering the following areas:

We usually always start with a strategy when we are doing a full engagement. It allows us to be smart with your 💵 and generate rapid results through SEO.

Is There a Minimum Contract?

There are no minimum contracts at SEO by Sociallyin…Our clients can cancel anytime with a 30 days notice, but our retention at the time of writing is literally 💯 percent for the year because our work is all substance and 0️⃣ % hype.

We always put together 90 day strategy plans because this is SEO after all and we do need a few months to prove it works. You can cancel prior to that, but if you give us 90-days to produce a return on investment – on average – we’ll turn 1 💵 into 3.

Where are you Located?

The SEO division of Sociallyin is and always will be headquartered in Birmingham, AL unless my parents move or until Keith Kakadia can convince me to deal with all that crazy traffic in Atlanta for some reason 👎👎👎

Birmingham’s great and the food here is amazing!!!

We’re available by appointment only Monday – Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM at this historic address:

1601 5th Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203 Suite 124

Sociallyin is headquartered in Atlanta and also has offices in Los Angeles and Dallas.

Do We Own the Content and Everything?

Yes. The client owns all content, data and everything else we produce from website code to Google Ad campaigns. You paid for the work and all the output belongs to you! At kickoff, we provide you with a client shared folder where everything we do resides. You can access it at midnight and fire us in the morning if you really want to?🤷‍♂️

What Type of Content can Sociallyin Produce?

We can produce all forms of content:

  • Blog posts optimized against competitor averages
  • Service pages based on correlational SEO
  • Product pages [guaranteed] to rank in 90 days
  • Short form videos optimized for YouTube
  • Photo manipulation of your existing assets
  • Stop motion video production services
  • Vertical Video for Stories
  • 360 Content Development
  • Illustrations and Graphic Design
  • GIFS, JGPs and any other format
  • Snapchat lens
  • Tik-Tok Videos
  • + Many Other Formats
Do you Produce Original Content for Your Clients?

Yes, we have a network of photographers and videographers we can call on when the creative requires something location specific. We can travel to you!

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