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  • Google’s home to 226 million web searches per hour and 5.3 billion each day!
  • It manages 90% of the global market for search engines, and owns the #2 search engine [YouTube].
  • More than 246 million unique American visitors use Google DAILY…
  • That’s over 75% of the total population!!!


These can happen when the algorithms see anything that is in violation of the webmaster guidelines the search engine giant enforces.

Why a Google Penalty Matters ?

If you think you’ve been hit with a Google penalty, you need to deal with it as quickly as you can. Your SEO rankings and traffic will be impacted negatively, and this isn’t going to just go away by itself. As a matter of fact, it’s likely to get even worse over time.

However, the SEO damage can be reversed if you have someone take the appropriate recovery steps and let Google know what’s up. This is the goal of penalty recovery services like ours.

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Occasional updates can cause your site to take a SEO hit.

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Don’t be one of those website owners that panics at the first sign of a penalty and then starts making random changes. You might be wasting your time and energy, and you might also be making things even worse. Contact us for a free website audit so we can assess what’s going on, figure out what needs to be changed, and then present you with options for how to move ahead.

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Google Penalty Removal Has to Start Fast

It doesn’t matter if your penalty is algorithmic or manual in terms of impact. Your site will lose rankings, traffic, and conversions from the minute the penalty hits until you have it fixed. Fortunately, a thorough audit can reveal many issues you might have. From there, we can formulate a plan to restore proper order that might include steps such as:

  • Scanning your site for possible malware
  • Fixing excessively long load times
  • Cleaning up server issues and technical SEO problems
  • Removing problem content or adding new content
  • Eliminating undesired backlinks
  • Fix overoptimization issues in your internal linking
  • Disavow backlinks, but only when we’re certain it’s the cause
  • Add new links to balance your off-site metrics
  • Asking Google for reconsideration


We don’t stop with removing the penalty and getting your rankings restored. Our team can also show you what to do in the future to avoid future complications and hold on to your positions in the SERPs.

Algorithmic punishments usually are faster and easier to deal with. It’s the manual variants where a human being at Google decided to penalize your website, possibly due to suspicion of violating the Webmaster Guidelines that the search engine giant wants everyone to abide by.

Why Manual Penalties May Take More Effort to Remove

It’s often the case that the Googler will list specific links that violate their terms in your search console message. When that happens, it’s on you or your SEO team to reach out to those sites and ask them for removal. Prove that you’ve tried that first and then disavow any links from sites you can’t reach.

It’s a complete PITA 🤬 but the good news is manual penalties are exceedingly rare these days.

Penguin Recovery Isn’t Automatic

Removing the questionable links that might have triggered a Penguin handicap is a crucial first step, but that alone probably won’t get you restored to your previous site status. The link needs to be replaced with trustworthy versions, and social media might be a good source of quality links.

If your website wasn’t initially reliant on manipulative links, then your website might see its rankings restored relatively quickly even by using low-powered social media shares.

Panda Recovery Is About Content Not Links

Panda complications have a tendency to hit websites reliant on advertising revenue or affiliate sales quite a bit more than others. The addition of high-caliber content goes a long way in recovering from a Panda handicap, and just upgrading current content can do a lot of good, too.

The biggest thing might be just making sure you have provided a superior user experience for your visitors. Factors that matter in determining UX include but are not limited to:

  • Page coding
  • Outdated design
  • Mobile-unfriendly web design
  • Page view times
  • Bounce rates
  • Page-load speeds
  • Content is easy to read
  • Lack of terms of service and privacy policy statement

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO can be a very technical and complicated matter even on the best of days. When diving into something such as Google penalization, there are always going to be questions you might have.

We’ve got answers!

How Much Will Google Penalty Removal Services Cost?

The costs involved with removing Google penalties might vary based on how serious the problem is and how long it takes to get it resolved. Some penalties only take a few weeks to remove, and that includes the time for Google to review a reconsideration request. Larger issues might take multiple months. Keep in mind that we offer a free website audit that lets you make a very informed choice before spending a dime.

Do You Guarantee Your SEO Services?

Anyone guaranteeing very specific results in SEO and specifically, Google penalty removal usually doesn’t know what they’re doing. Google’s algorithms are secrets after all! Having said that, we’ve got years of experience in digital marketing, and we’ve got a real passion for problem-solving in particular. Our success rate speaks for itself. Any guarantees we offer are based on a decision Blake makes on a case-by-case basis after auditing a client’s website.

Can You Get Me Past a Manual Action?

Just because someone at Google manually did something to punish your website and then leaves you a note about it doesn’t mean they’re against you forever. In the last few years, this has happened because of hacking more than anything else. We’ve developed a proven process in our services that lifts this kind of penalty and gets you returned to Google’s good graces quickly.

Can You Get My Rankings Back to What I Had Prior to the Penalty?

Often, a dip in traffic and rankings is how your company notices a Google penalty to start with. If you have solid and legitimate SEO going on around whatever triggered the handicap, then removing it should propel you back up the SERPs and generate more traffic volume. Restoration of your prior status is certainly common, and some of our clients even wind up doing better than ever before. Reach out today and ask about our Google penalty removal services if you need our help.

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