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Why SEO Matters to Your HVAC Company

Guess what happens in the southern fall and northern spring? HVAC slow season! 😓 

Weather’s nice so…No one’s calling about a burnt-out compressor or a seized up fan motor. It’s the time of year you’ve often faced with the prospect of layoffs. What if you could stay busy though? It’s actually quite easy…Just build a customer list and do PM work whenever it’s comfortable outside. We’ll explain how in this complete guide to HVAC SEO and customer list management strategies. First though, I have to ask. Are you here because you need help? Fill out this form and we’ll take your brand to the next level.

What is HVAC SEO?

At a high level, HVAC SEO is not very different from doing the work on any other website. I’ve sold millions of 💲 in new unit installs this year through Google, but I also manage websites in every industry imaginable. So much of the basic stuff is universal to any website that the real SEO magic comes from tailoring a strategy to a brand. That’s what I consider to be the best HVAC SEO service – Getting all the foundational stuff that every contractor website needs, while our team’s busy learning about your business and the local area. Expert HVAC SEO is a combination of past experience and expert analysis of your current business positioning online.

Good Content

Quality Links

Technical Optimization

That’s really all it takes for your HVAC company website to rank in Google and make money… When we get into HVAC SEO there’s a lot of specific tactics that are important to remember. Especially the fact that your SEO efforts need to be equally split between local and organic tactics. Let’s take a closer look at why that’s my #1 SEO play for heating and air companies like yours.

Leverage Google My Business


A very large part of the sales I generate for our clients in the HVAC industry come from the Google Business Profile. It’s just as important as your website because it determines how you show up in Google Maps. But there’s more to it than just listing your business on Google and hoping for the best. You have to understand how the map algorithm works if you want to hack it for more service work and new installs. We help Heating and Air companies show up better in Google Maps.

Did You Decide Against Putting Your Location on the Map?

Many HVAC contractors and franchises decide against making their physical office location public information. That’s somewhat understandable because you’d rather be out working at homes and businesses instead of at your warehouse. Also, you probably don’t have a storefront open to the public, so why give anyone a chance to show up in the first place?

Unfortunately, that can backfire big time in the SEO world. Your HVAC business and its digital marketing can get some help if you get on Google’s map. Your Google My Business profile has a lot to do with getting ranked and noticed, so maxing it out is something you need to prioritize.

There’s another benefit to having a local address listed in your GMB profile. When people look up your business, they can see that you have physical roots in their community. They’re more likely to trust someone with an actual office or warehouse, especially if they’ve been around a while. They know that makes it less likely that you’re some fleeting scammer who is only in town for a while.


Should Your Website Get HVAC SEO?

Once your GMB profile has been maxed out, then it’s time to pivot to working on your HVAC website. Trust your website construction or design with an effective SEO professional, and it should provide anywhere from 200- to 400-percent ROI. The right website content creates a successful user experience that can convert visitors from both Google Ads and organic traffic.

If you cringe at the idea of another ad campaign because it didn’t go well in the past, then it’s still worth a second look. When done right, a Google Ads campaign will give you leads all your own instead of leads you have to share with others, as happens with Home Advisor.

Here’s a pro tip you might know: Google gives a mild boost to organic rankings of those who run paid ad campaigns through them. They’ll never admit that, but I know how to get you that perk.

How Can I Benefit From HVAC SEO?

Effective HVAC SEO gives your website more traffic from the search engines, and that turns into more prospects, projects, and revenue. However, it goes far past that. We create content for HVAC websites that is a goldmine for any social media people working for you.

They can share your HVAC expertise in the style of long-form content with homeowners in your area. They want to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Having an HVAC professional or franchise they can trust isn’t just something they need, as it’s something they actually want.

Frequent posting of authoritative content through social media profiles lets your local community know that you are someone they can rely on. Earn their trust, deliver on it, and then watch great reviews come in. Reputation management is another part of HVAC SEO, be it on GMB, Facebook, or Yelp. Your website needs a review page that you link to through your usual email signature.

How Local SEO Benefits HVAC Companies and Professionals

If you’re in the business of keeping air conditioner units up and running, then local SEO might just be the most important thing in your life. You might not know any more about it than the average homeowner would know about the insides of their AC unit, but it’s actually pretty simple to get right. The rules governing local SEO aren’t that complex, nor do they change much:

  • Max out your HVAC GMB profile.
  • Immediately use new features Google incorporates to GMB.
  • Put up at least one post a week to your profile on Google My Business.
  • Make sure your website has your map location embedded.
  • Get extra credit with Google by having your map put on other sites.

Here’s another pro tip: establish a portfolio of links just for your HVAC GMB profile. I can show you that when you sign up for your free website audit we offer.

Optimizing GMB Profiles Isn’t Just a Formula

Making your HVAC business successful was probably a combination of following the tried-and-true formulas along with your own ideas and inspiration. Generating HVAC leads through a GMB profile can follow a formula of its own, but only to a certain point.

SEO by Sociallyin treats your GMB profile as a chance to actually learn about your business and services.

We get to know what you have to offer, as well as the service areas you want to target. We find the overlap and synergy and then shape our keyword strategy from there.

We don’t want to just get you prospects so much as the kind of prospects you want to serve and profit from.

Tracking GMB Ranking to Dial-In More Leads


With grid mapping tools, we’re able to get hyper-local with your GMB rank tracking. Remember how we said we would figure out your target city or suburb? The pictures below show you how we’re able to know if local HVAC SEO is working or not:

Combined with call tracking and our custom reporting, you get a complete picture on where you rank in the map pack and an exact number on your ROI from Google each month. Interested in tracking your keywords with location specific map reports? Click the button below and reach out to SEO by Sociallyin, or keep reading to learn about boosting your organic ranking.

Location Pages and Organic SEO for Your HVAC Business

Not every house call you make for HVAC service is the same. You get certain calls on hot days where they need their AC back and running as urgently as possible. Other times, you head out for an inspection and maintenance visit that looks more into the future of keeping their system running well.

Optimizing your GMB profile is an urgent matter, but it won’t take forever. The need for organic SEO will be lurking behind. Getting listed in organic search results simply takes longer to accomplish, and the true impact of the efforts also takes longer to pay off.

New home construction is booming in many markets, so there are many digital resources being poured into HVAC SEO. Having professional SEO expertise at your side can help your brand stand out in a crowded field. Organic SEO results might take three to six months to show up, but our GMB work usually pays off your whole retainer in just two months. That starts getting you both ROI and actionable business while the organic SEO passes its time.

Once we get you ranked for your target community, we can start building location pages for specific neighborhoods, suburbs, and nearby towns for even more market saturation.

Is Hiring an HVAC SEO Team the Right Move?


You can learn a lot about SEO on your own, but that will take you away from your core business. You can also hire someone internally to handle SEO for you, but then you have to pay them wages and benefits. Outsourcing it to industry professionals such as us is usually going to be the most cost-effective way of doing things.

Our Simple Heating and Air SEO Service Model

At SEO by Sociallyin, we offer simple month-to-month contracts on full service SEO, and many other marketing services. We can manage your entire web presence across all channels, including everything from design services to PPC and social media.

We partner with leading brands in the online advertising world.

For our contractor SEO packages, we typically include the following deliverables:

Citation Management

Custom Lead Tracking


Technical SEO

Content Creation

GMB Optimization and Posting

On-Page SEO

Weekly Reporting

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