Technical SEO

You know how to put gas in your car, but do you know how to do an oil change or a tune-up? Me either! We’re here to offer our abilities to maximize the technical SEO of your site. Let us do what we’re good at so you can stay focused on the business you are good at too.

Technical SEO? What’s That?

Technical SEO can get pretty complicated, but the general idea is that it’s a process of website optimizing so that search engines can:

  • Discover
  • Crawl
  • Comprehend
  • Index

Your website…These are the actions Google and other search engines must take in order to know what websites are out there and how to go about indexing them.Index high in the Google rankings, and you’ll pull in valuable traffic.


Just because you put up a website online doesn’t necessarily mean that Google will find it. It can happen on its own in time, if there is enough attention paid to your domain. Then again, why wait? You want Google giving your website attention instead of waiting around for Google’s attention. We can make sure your website is submitted directly to Google so they crawl it rapidly and index your content at the top of valuable search results.


Whether it’s because your website is submitted via Search Console or someone else’s links send Google’s crawlers your way, they’ll come and look over your site. When that happens, your new website is being judged by big G…Think of it like a first date or a job interview where you want to make a great first impression. Having a fully built-out sitemap is crucial in this stage because it helps Google find your entire site instead of just parts of it.


The next thing that Google does when seeing your content for the first time is figuring out what it’s all about. This part of the process is figuring out what keywords and search phrases users would put in wanting to see your content showing up as a result. Simply put, if your website is about your dentist office, then Google needs to know to only show it to people worried about their teeth in your local area. A big part of technical SEO is making sure your individual content pages have clarity about their subject matter. We can help.


Once Google has had a good look over your website, the search engine giant will put your domain in its index of available results. While content and backlinks can do a lot to determine your position in the index rankings, you have to be there in the first place. You have to get indexed properly and that’s something only an expert SEO can manage for you.

Technical SEO Aspects That Influence Rankings

While technical SEO might be mainly about getting found and indexed, there are specific pieces of data and aspects of user experience on the technical side of things that can impact your website rankings and traffic. Here are 8 of them:

  1. Mobile Versions: Having mobile-versions of websites is something that Google looks upon very favorably. In most cases, mobile content will index first.
  2. Broken Links: A website with broken links just looks sloppy to Google, and they won’t feature such domains prominently to users they want to impress.
  3. Missing Images: Images that are slow to load or just don’t load leave visual holes in pages that Google users won’t be impressed by.
  4. Typos: Google knows how to spellcheck and even determine accurate grammar to some degree. All with AI!
  5. HTTPS: This is a gold standard for website security. Google trusts websites that have it more than ones that don’t. So do many consumers.
  6. Safe Browsing: Malware and malicious content are obviously frowned upon. If you need help, we can clean it up.
  7. Page Loading Times: Websites that load faster get rewarded with more traffic. It’s that simple.
  8. Getting Ready for Another Crawl: One bad crawl that doesn’t index or rank your site well isn’t the end of the world. Once discovered, you’ll get crawled regularly, so performance improvements can mean a better future for your website.


If your website is a vehicle that passengers might spend time in while on the information superhighway, then Google wants to know your vehicle is well-oiled and tuned up before they tell their users to get in and take a ride.

Let Us Diagnose your SEO

Even if you know how to do a lot of things under the hood of your car, you probably have a mechanic you trust to do those things for you. They can usually do it faster and better than you can because practice makes perfect.

For the things you don’t know how to do with your car, you always turn to trained professionals. You can do the same with your website when you sign up for our free website audit.

Our audit will measure how well your website is doing in regards to indexing and crawling with Google. We can also recommend and offer fixes and improvements that get your website moving faster up the ranks. Higher profits await those willing to get help.

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