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Rob Cooper, Owner of 5 Star Roofing and Restoration

I could not be more pleased with the work done by this company!! They were professional and patient with me in figuring out the best plan for my specific needs. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.

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Why SEO Matters to Today’s Roofers

Guess what all the millennials are doing on social media? No, it’s not a new challenge! 😄

They’re buying houses…It seems like everyone I know between 30-40 is sharing pics of their new house on Instagram. It’s a housing boom to rival the 1950s with no end in sight. We’re all starting families now, and my mom and dad are downsizing… Houses are changing hands to more internet savvy homeowners. We grew up immersed in tech, after all. That’s my #1 reason search engine optimization is critical to the future of your roofing company. Homeowners do everything online now, right? Be where they are with good SEO. We’ll explain how in this complete guide to roofer SEO strategies. First though, I have to ask. Are you here because you need help?

What is Roofing SEO?

At a high level, roofing SEO is not very different from doing the work on any other website. I’ve sold millions of 💲 in new roof installs this year through Google, but I also manage websites in every industry imaginable. So much of the basic stuff is universal to any website that the real SEO magic comes from tailoring a strategy to a brand.

That’s what I consider to be the best roofing SEO service – Getting all the foundational stuff that every roofing site needs done, while I learn about your business and the local market you’re working in.

The Foundation of Good Roofing SEO and Website Management

No matter what your business does, the three most important aspects of SEO are:

Good Content

Quality Links

Technical Optimization

…in that exact order. It’s really that simple… When we get into roofing SEO there’s a lot of specific tactics that are important to remember. Especially the fact that your SEO efforts need to be equally split between local and organic tactics. Let’s take a closer look at why that’s my #1 SEO play for roofers.

Leverage Google My Business


A very large part of the roofing sales I generate for our clients comes from Google My Business. Getting results there is so much easier for a new brand just starting out, and larger companies can leverage multiple physical locations to pull in more leads due to the proximity ranking factor.

Proximity to the physical location is the #1 ranking factor on Google Maps. What does that mean for your business?

Here’s a good example!

If there’s a 500 home subdivision near your office, getting on the map is an easy win!  That’s probably not something you thought about while looking for commercial office or warehouse space, but it’s not a bad idea. Locating your business in population dense areas can be a good play for local roofing SEO.

So, do everything you can to optimize your listing and get the max effect from Google My Business. After that box is checked, you should probably work on your website conversion rate.


Does My Website Need Roofing SEO?

Once you’ve maxed out your GMB profile, it’s definitely time to work on your website. A well-built roofing website can easily generate a 200-400% return on investment in the hands of a good SEO team, and getting your website content and user experience set up for sales opens up the door to run Google Ads. While you may have had a bad experience in the past, a properly dialed in ad campaign still beats shared leads from a company like HomeAdvisor. Plus, Google won’t admit this but there is a [slight] organic ranking boost when you run an ad budget 😉

How will Roofing SEO Benefit Me?

The benefits of roofing SEO go beyond just more job prospects and traffic from search engines. The content we produce for your roofing website is ammunition for your social media team. Sharing your expertise with long-form content sets your brand up as an industry leader in your local market. Your organic following on social media will see you as an established roofing brand that has the resources and expertise to share your ideas through frequent posting.

From a reputation management standpoint, good SEO in the roofing industry usually also involves review generation on Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook and everywhere else. Tactics like adding a review page to your website and linking to it in your email signature help to boost both ranking and reputation at the same time.

That extra nudge you get in the map pack from having more reviews than your competition is a part of our comprehensive local roofing SEO strategy. Let’s take a look at some more specific roofing SEO tactics that work at a local level for roofers like you.

The Benefits of Local SEO for Roofers


Local SEO is the most important set of tactics for most roofing companies and it’s actually surprisingly easy to pull off. The rules are simple and they change very little over the years:

  • Fill out every bit of profile information possible in your GMB profile.
  • Anytime Google adds new features to Google My Business, start using them!
  • Post at least weekly to your GMB profile. More if possible.
  • Embed your map location on your website.
  • Earn extra points with Google for getting your map on other sites too. 👍
  • And finally, most people don’t know this…but build links to your GMB profile.

That last one’s super-powerful, but there’s a specific kind of URL you need to use for max effect. I’ll show you how to find it if you want to book a free website audit with our team.

How Google My Business Profiles are Optimized for Roofing Leads

Optimizing for roofing leads is more than just a formula. Other agencies may treat it like that, but SEO by Sociallyin looks at this as an opportunity to learn more about you and the services you offer.

We start by defining the local city or suburb that you value the most. It’s crucial to focus on the markets you want to serve. We’ll build out a list of service areas together and only list the places you like to work the most.

Next we’ll go through your services together to discuss the type of work you prefer the most.


This will shape keyword strategy as well, so we want to make sure to focus our efforts around your business goals. If you prefer siding over gutters or replacements over repairs, we’ll take good notes no matter what. Then that info goes into planning and writing your service description content on GMB. But before we go live with your roofing SEO campaign, we need to make sure we’re tracking results so you know everything’s working like it should. There’s some new local SEO tools that we’ll cover in the next section that are going to blow your mind away when you see them in action.

Tracking GMB Ranking to Dial-In More Leads

With grid mapping tools, we’re able to get hyper-local with your GMB rank tracking. Remember how we said we would figure out your target city or suburb? The pictures below show you how we’re able to know if local roofing SEO is working or not:

Combined with call tracking and our custom reporting, you get a complete picture on where you rank in the map pack and an exact number on your ROI from Google each month. Interested in tracking your keywords with location specific map reports? Click the button below and reach out to SEO by Sociallyin, or keep reading to learn about boosting your organic ranking.

Organic SEO and Location Pages for Roofers

Local marketing on GMB is easy in most markets, but getting listed in the organic search results takes more work. We have a massive checklist of various steps we take on a website, knowing that it will take Google weeks to reward us in many cases.

On top of the big delay in the algorithm, we have to deal with a US roofing market that’s running wide open. With all the construction going on, many roofers are pouring dollars into various marketing channels like SEO. It’s tough to stand out, and that’s why you need an expert team of SEO professionals backing up your brand online.

Being effective in the organic results usually takes 3-6 months for even the best SEO teams when it’s a crowded local market. The good news is, the GMB work we include in our full service SEO offering will often provide an ROI for the entire retainer within about 60 days. After that, the strategy I’m about to explain below kicks in and starts producing more and more leads every week.

How to Rank a Roofing Website in Organic Search

Google search results will always vary from one city to the next. Knowing that, my #1 rule for ranking roofing websites in organic search is to always start with competitor analysis.

See what everyone already ranking does and do it better. From your meta title down to the number of paragraphs on your page, almost every HTML signal is a ranking factor of some sort. And guess what…you can right-click on a competitor’s site and hit view source code!

I start by looking at competitor code to see what Google’s rewarding other roofers in your city for. Then we do it better. Ranking a roofing company website in organic search is that simple. 

Next up, I’ll show you how to scoop up even more organic leads from nearby suburbs.

Getting Extra Roof Replacement Leads from Suburb Pages

So, you ran your competitor analysis and earned your spot on page #1 for your city + keywords. Now what?

My advice is to expand…

When we provide SEO services to roofers, HVAC companies or any other home service business we eventually move into a suburb page strategy. Smaller suburbs around your main city will be easy to rank for. We usually just optimize 1 page per city with good content and some location schema. Once the page is added to your site menu, it ranks for many keywords in the suburb or town we’re targeting within 60 days.

Of course, we have to ask first and make sure an area won’t result in too much windshield time for your crews! But if you want to expand outward a little bit further from your main office, location pages work really well for a roofing site.

Should I Hire an SEO Agency for my Roofing Company?

Assuming you’re at a level where you are comfortable investing in marketing that may not deliver tangible results for 2-3 months, it’s time to start building your roofing web presence. SEO is one of the most cost effective forms of digital marketing once it ramps up over time.

So, once you’re at a comfortable level of sales each month, do you hire an agency?

Your other options are to take time off business development to learn SEO, or hire an in-house SEO expert. In the first example, you should keep in mind that while SEO is a young industry, most professionals take 3-5 years to get any good at it.

And by 3-5 years, I mean working full-time on SEO somewhere. You can’t do this as a hobby.

Keeping up with the latest algorithms while running your business is a challenge, but I have seen a roofer pull it off before. Eventually it morphed into option #2 where they hired an internal person who eventually got so busy with local brand awareness, they finally called us for more than just web hosting.

The question on hiring an agency or not depends on what stage of growth you’re at. If you want to try it out for yourself first, feel free to read up on all our roofer marketing content. It’s a great place to get started with actionable tips specific to roofing SEO.

Our Simple Roofing SEO Service Model

At SEO by Sociallyin, we offer simple month-to-month contracts on full service SEO, and many other marketing services. We can manage your entire web presence across all channels, including everything from design services to PPC and social media.

We partner with leading brands in the online advertising world.

For our roofing SEO packages, we typically include the following deliverables:

Citation Management

Custom Lead Tracking


Technical SEO

Content Creation

GMB Optimization and Posting

On-Page SEO

Weekly Reporting

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