Hi, I’m Blake Akers and Webology was the  brand I founded in 2016 around the same time I started collaborating with Sociallyin. Today, I still do SEO full-time here in Birmingham and this is my new website.

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From the early Webology days, and even before then I’ve always been fascinated with search algorithms. I’ve had the privilege to work on hundreds of websites to consistently improve ROI month-over-month.

Going beyond client work, I started experimenting with affiliate and ad monetized websites. Today, I put that knowledge to work at Sociallyin by managing our SEO division. We build, rank and manage websites for clients in many different industries. Several former Webology team members joined me and we love being a part of the Sociallyin family. Our division is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama and serves clients all over the US.

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What’s Next for Webology?

While Webology is no longer a client facing SEO agency, we have big plans for the future. We will be relaunching the brand soon as Webology Publishing, a partner agency that will totally focus on building, monetizing and flipping content marketing websites.

This new publishing company will provide us a platform to test SEO experiments on, so we can continue to innovate and improve processes for our SEO clients at Sociallyin.Check out our blog for future updates on this and our other ongoing projects.

What Can SEO by Sociallyin Help Me With?

Our client facing team is here to assist with full web presence management solutions. We typically focus on two areas, paid and organic search. We find that leveraging both options is best for most clients. We also typically like to build and maintain your website so that it’s optimized to convert all the traffic we generate.

  • Website Design – We’ve built hundreds of WordPress sites over the years. It’s our platform of choice because the open sourced nature of WordPress gives us full control over all the important on-page SEO ranking factors.
  • Full Service SEO – This service includes a comprehensive strategy plan, content creation, on-page tuning, link building and the technical optimization of your website. Correlational SEO is our division’s core service offering.
  • Google Ads Management – We’ve successfully managed millions of dollars in Google Ad revenue over the years. Let our team of expert digital marketing professionals cut ad waste and improve your ROI.
  • Content Marketing – Being in the SEO industry makes us a natural choice to handle your inbound marketing efforts. We produce content that converts, then we help you reach the right audiences through targeted email outreach.
  • YouTube Channel Optimization – We handle video SEO services in a unique way that starts with competitor analysis and ends with a detailed report sent to either your production team, or our in-house talent at Sociallyin Studios.
  • Website Penalty Removal – Over many years in this business, we’ve had the opportunity to diagnose and fix many websites that were losing traffic and rankings due to a Google penalty.

Social Media – While our division is busy working on search engine marketing, Sociallyin is and always has been completely focused on social media. Combined, we’re able to offer a complete set of services as one of the top digital marketing agencies in the US.

Need help with your SEO? Be sure to sign up for our free audit service and learn the next steps to unlocking massive traffic from Google. If you want to take your search engine rankings to the next level and don’t have time, our agency is here to help. From local SEO to eCommerce solutions, we have the experience to guide your strategy in the right direction to get the Google ranking you deserve. Call SEO by Sociallyin today and ask about our professional SEO services – (205) 671-2790.

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